Enhance Your Logistics with Expert 3PL Warehouse Puerto Rico Services

Puerto Rico has a reputation for being a global leader in logistics and transportation for its location and for having Caribbean’s highest volume port system.

Thanks to the island’s reduced shipping costs and time, businesses enjoy an increased profit margin in their logistics. So if you are looking for a customized 3pl warehouse Puerto Rico, you can turn to American Storage & Distribution for your customized logistics solution.

What is a 3pl warehouse Puerto Rico?

A 3PL (third party logistics) provider outsources logistics services involving procurement, fulfilment, storing or shipping items. 3PL applies to any service contract involving storing and shipping items. It can comprise of a single provider like warehouse storage or a system wide bundle of services handling supply chain management.

How does American Storage & Distribution work?

We start by receiving your inventory, and storing the items in our fulfilment centres. We have a customer portal accessible through any browser or iOS or android device.

It lets you keep track of your inventory, cargo movements to and from warehouses, invoices, documents and POD attachments to streamline the automated process.

Once we pick up an order at the port, our experts receive, handle, store, manage, control and take optimal care of your goods using our advanced inventory control system. We proudly store and handle a range of cargo types including dangerous chemicals and goods.

American Storage & Distribution offers optimal security for your goods through an access-controlled facility, 24/7 armed security and motion-sensing cameras. Your cargo remains fully insured for no additional cost for as long as in our warehouse.

We sort your cargo as received from your manufacturer or supplier with limited product handling and logistics cost to expedite your customer delivery. We also offer complete order fulfilment while abiding to the highest standards.

All you need to do is handle the selling, and we deliver as per your needs and specifications across the island any time.

Reasons to go to American Storage & Distribution

Here are the reasons our clients turn to American Storage & Distribution for their logistics needs:

1. Reduced costs

We offer a flexible and scalable rate structure for minimal overall costs while maximizing warehousing and distribution efficiency. We maintain constant staff training, regulatory compliance and cargo insurance coverage to offer the best services in the industry.

2. Increased work efficiency

Our experience, focus and expertise with a large storage space and daily island-wide distribution routes help accommodate your logistic demands and changing market conditions. We have hands-on experienced staff always ready to position your successes through a fast and reliable customized service.

3. Flexibility and scalability

We offer the flexibility and scalability to quickly move and support your changing scaling and growth, even through seasonal fluctuations.

4. Peace of mind

Be assured that your cargo is safe and insured in our secure 3pl warehouse Puerto Rico with its security cameras, 24/7 armed security and access-control. Our system ensures that no one can get in and out of the complex without records or permission.

5. Certifications

We have the most up-to-date licenses and certifications for the proper handling of your goods.

Our founder

Mr. Mariano Velez is our founder who conceptualized American Storage & Distribution to help businesses of all sizes manage, store and move their inventories.

It was his unrelenting dedication to clients that formed the base to meet and exceed all our clients’ expectations. We align ourselves with your goals and vision for highest value and maximized cost efficiency, longevity and competiveness at the lowest operational costs.

What we offer/our services

American Storage & Distribution (ASD) is a family-owned business, founded in 1980 and a long-serving 3pl warehouse Puerto Rico provider.

We have the experience to cater to the logistics of a wide range of industries and product categories like consumer electronics, industrial plastics, retail and industrial HVAC systems, pharmaceuticals and corrosive materials.

Located in Catano’s Royal Industrial Park we make the perfect logistics, storage and distribution solution for anyone looking to grow their presence in Puerto Rico.

Your merchandise receiving, packing, repacking, picking, distribution and warehousing process through Puerto Rico lies in our hands. However, our 24/7 remote tracking feature gives you control of your inventory.

Our mission is to connect customers and their clientele through flexible, customizable and cost-effective warehousing and distribution solutions while you stay in control.

Our vision is to offer the highest level of commercial warehousing and distribution services to our clients at the lowest possible cost. We strive to build and promote long-lasting business relationships while promoting our clients and family of employees.

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